10 scrap car parts that can easily be recycled or reused

20 Jan 2018

You’ve used your car for a few years and wondering if it is of any value. We’ve got some good news, your car can be dismantled and the parts reused or recycled. Vehicle recycling has become increasingly important with the need for environmental sustainability. A car crusher is a device that is often used to dismantle these scrap cars into smaller units and further recycled. The automobile is one of the most recycled consumer products in the world as its parts can be used for other cars or a variety of purposes. It is believed that over 90-95% parts of a car can be recycled or reused.

Here are 10 scrap car parts that can be easily recycled or reused

Oil Filters: Did you know that used oil filters can be recycled and is required to be properly disposed of by law? One of the best ways in ensuring that your oil filter gets recycled is by visiting an auto shop for effective recycling. Alternatively, you can find your closest oil recycling centre if you replace the oil yourself.

Auto engines and transmissions: Are you planning to replace your car engine anytime soon and wondering if your old engine has any life in it? Many auto mechanics have the ability to rebuild damaged engines which prevents them from causing any menace to our environment. Are remanufactured engines any good? It’s believed that remanufactured engines can be more efficient than their initial state due to the use of more powerful and contemporary materials. This provides enough reason to consider recycling or reusing our old auto engines and transmissions.

Car Batteries: Did you know your old car batteries can also be recycled and be put into further use? It is one of the most recycled products in the United States and Europe. Legislations are being put in place by some countries to ensure auto shops and dealers deliver old batteries to recycling centres or to the auto manufacturers to prevent the environments from being affected with the toxic chemicals like lead.

Alternators and starters:  Alternators are commonly used in modern cars to charge the battery and power the entire electrical system. Starters and Alternators are parts of a vehicle that can be easily reused or remanufactured and can still perform at an optimal level.  Opting to recycle or reuse your old starter or alternator will help prevent the negative effects disposing of could cause to the environment.

Seat belts: They are designed to protect us in cases of accidents and near misses. You can still reuse or reclaim your undamaged seat belts from scrap cars. Choosing to reuse an old but good seat belt could prevent the deposition of these materials on the environment.

 Plastics: The accumulation of plastic items in the environment can lead to pollution that affects wildlife habitat and humans. These common plastic pollutants can be grouped into micro or macro waste.  If not properly managed, they can have adverse effects on our waterways, lands and oceans. There are several parts of a car that are made of plastic and these include lights, dashboards, bumpers,  gas tanks and many more. An auto shredder can break these items into smaller parts and further used in the manufacturing of new products.

Car rubber hoses: The rubber hose of your old car can be used be processed by recycling centres for the manufacturing of new products. It will be a lot beneficial to recycle these products than dispose of in a nearby bin.

Tires: They are a very important part of your car as you can easily fret or sweat when they choose to go flat. These tires can be easily recycled and manufactured into new ones. Burning them could lead to the emission of toxic waste into the atmosphere.

Vehicle glass: There is a high number of windshield replacements carried out annually. It is believed that there are about 15 million windshields replaced annually in the United States and a considerable amount in the UK. Naturally, glasses are quite difficult to recycle due to the double layer of plastic that is used in manufacturing these units.  Majority of the replaced windshields make their way to the landfills thereby becoming a hazard to the environment. Recycled vehicle glasses can be used in the manufacturing of glass bottles and quality fibre glass insulation.

Motor oil: The main purpose of engine oil is to ensure that the internal parts of your vehicle’s engine are cool and lubricated. It helps prevent the moving parts from grinding against each other which could easily lead to severe damage. Did you know engine oil never gets dirty? If you fail to properly dispose of the vehicle oil it could lead to contaminated streams and rivers. It is important you visit a certified collection centre with your used oil for effective cleaning and reusing.

These are some of the parts of a car that can be easily reused or recycled and help prevent environmental pollution.


Image Credit: Pixabay