The most popular new car models in Great Britain

21 Dec 2017

There are different car models that can be found in Great Britain but during the second quarter of 2017 (April to June 2017), we’ve got the top 5 based on the volumes sold. Popularity is determined by a number of cars sold and registered in the UK. An individual could buy a car as either a first-timer, a replacement of an old one which has been efficiently scrapped or sold as a part exchange. Vehicle registrations are a great way to evaluate the number of cars sold in a given period of time. According to the vehicle licensing statistics from the Department of Transport, the Ford Fiesta led the chart with over 21,000 units sold. Volkswagen Golf was second with 17,000 units and Ford Focus was third on the list with over 16,000 vehicles sold during that quarter. Vauxhall Astra was fourth and Nissan Qashqai fifth with both 14,000 units.

Ford Fiesta: The Ford Fiesta is a super mini car manufactured and marketed by Ford over four decades ago. It is believed over 16 million of Ford Fiesta’s have been sold since inception. It is one of the best selling Ford models and has gone through a variety of iterations over the years with the latest All-New Ford Fiesta B&O Play series. The B&O Play series is the excellent combination of substance and style as it fitted with 675-watt, 10-speaker crafted by B&O PLAY’s acousticians. The latest range of Ford Fiesta’s come with advanced systems and features such as active park assists, lane keeping aid, traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control.

Volkswagen Golf: The Golf is manufactured by the German manufacturer Volkswagen since the mid-1970’s. The compact size of the golf makes it popular among UK car drivers. The latest range of the Volkswagen Golf is known as GTI and designed for optimal performance. It is constructed with a distinct and robust exterior styling to make a solid road statement. There are also sports running gear and lowered sports suspension features built into the GTI to help a better balance and stability especially on corners

Ford Focus: This is part of the Ford Family and has been manufactured since 1998. It is a compact vehicle that was originally designed by Ford’s British and German teams. The present-day Ford Focus has undertaken a lot of transformation to become a magnificently designed automobile, packed with efficiency, easily hugs the corners and ideal for the family. The contemporary Ford Focus range is built with unique active city stop that helps the driver avoid a collision in a slow-moving traffic.

Vauxhall Astra: A small family car that has been built to be driven on the roads since 1979. Necessary changes have been made to the earlier models to the present seventh generation versions.  The seventh generation Astra’s was launched in 2015 and we’ve got present-day models such as The Astra’s 5-door, a compact design with a bigger interior space, and new engines with pioneering technologies.

Nissan Qashqai: The Qashqai was first produced by Nissan in 2006. It was first sold to consumers as Nissan Dualis. It then rebadged and sold as Nissan Dualis in the States but Qashqai in the UK and other markets. The new range of Nissan Qashqai includes the Super-Smart SUV. This range has a beautiful design and an added efficient aerodynamics. You’re also spoilt with a redesigned bonnet and comfortable new seats leaving you feeling way better.

These are the top 5 most popular cars sold in Great Britain in the second quarter of 2017.

Image Source: Ford UK